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Poppy Cottage Guest House, Carleton, Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK.

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Our Hens...

Our girls roam freely around the garden and supply us with 'Fresh Eggs' daily. We regularly home ex-battery/rescue hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust www.bhwt.org.uk  They have to date re-homed over 250,00 battery hens. 

With views across into Skipton and the hills and open countryside to the rear this really is a lovely place to watch the 'girls' going about their daily business!

Watch this short clip below Skipton and Carleton-in-Craven Slideshow.
Skipton And Carleton-in-Craven Slideshow: Sally’s trip to Skipton was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

Dog Owners...

As dog owners ourselves, we love dogs but unfortunately not in the B&B. So because we know how much dog owners want to have their pals with them when out walking in the Dales we have come to an arrangement with local kennels 'Banks Ghyll'. Your dog will enjoy B&B in comfortable kennels and will have you nearby to take out for the day. The kennels are situated approx 2 miles out of Carleton and have a very good reputation in the area. It is a very friendly family run business and have been running the kennels for over 15 years. Unfortunately they are closed from January through to the end of March each year.

Speak to Kath or Cliff Smith on 01535 636701 for more information...

Benjamin's Posts...

My son is very keen to show off his talents at putting together a slideshow of the 'now completed' extension to the cottage - Hope you find it ineresting - ...the new clip has now finally arrived, you can now watch it below. by clicking on the Title link. This was updated by: Benjamin Hall. I hope you will like it! :)
Poppy Cottage Guest House Pictures - 2013! Slideshow: Benjamin’s trip to Skipton was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

Selling Away Lavender Scented Gifts...

We have got a basket full of lavender scented gifts for sale. Our nice friend has made these and all the money is going to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, they are available in the Dining Room for various prices. 

 Image of the Lavender Scented Gifts...

Bee Hall's Honey!

Next year, we will be running up an business called  the "Bee Hall's Honey" company by Benjamin Hall. 
If you want to buy a jar of honey for £1.50 each, 2 jars for £2.50 - to get them, you will need to go to the Dining Room and ring the "Information Assistance" bell, then we will get the honey for you (we might put the honey on the dresser in the Dining Room if we have any lack of space in the dresser!)

Thank you for reading!
~Benjamin Hall

Bee Hall's Honey - Logo

New Chicken/Hens 2013

We've been up to an farm in Haslingdon yesterday to pick up some more NEW factory hens and we have got 7 chickens in 3 boxes and when we got back and we put them where the pigs used to be for about 5-10 mins, also once Steve have opened the front door of the coope, the chickens are getting out and getting used to our garden.

At the very moment, some of a few chickens are fighting chickens to chickens in 2 pens - so for a meanwhile, they've settled down for a bit and it was an lovely day yesterday and it was hot!

I hope they are enjoying themselfs! (pictures might be uploading with our new picture slideshow system soon...)

Thank you for reading!

~Benjamin Hall
Poppy Cottage Guest House Manager

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